Commercials can be a valuable asset to your company. Our commercials are designed not only for your website, but you can also place them on your Facebook, Twitter Account, Google Places, or anywhere you want the video to show up.

We have 3 options to choose from

Standard commercial

This is a quick commercial with a basic message to get your businesses point across. This is an economical value for someone that wants to add a little flare to their website but does not have a large budget for an elaborate commercial.

Value Commercial

We create a nice commercial tailored to your company. We will use our marketing expertise to help you create the scenes and the message best used to get clients that are interested in your products or services.

Premier Commercial

Combines the best of options 1 and 2 with a little extra. We will add the video to 5 websites or profiles for you. We will also optimize the videos to show up in the search engines when someone types in keywords relevant to your business.

Testimonial Video Creation

  • We will shoot a testimonial video to add to your website’s testimonial page. Video testimonials add an incredible value to your website.
  • We will travel to your satisfied client and record their testimonial.
  • We will edit the video professionally.
  • We will add it to your website.

We can help!

Logo Design is a new service we now provide. Below you can view a few of our designs. We just started offering this service so as we start building more logo clients, our portfolio will grow!
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